A downloadable game for Windows

Part of the Game Jam Aoetearoa 2022. Theme: Transition

Transition from car to jet in this puzzle/driving hybrid. Several burgers hid just out of reach in the low poly city. Can you use you skills to get them all?

WASD to Drive

Space to toggle the Transition (from jet to car and back again)

R to Reset (your gonna need it!)

Thanks to Synty Studios for their Low Poly City Assets. 

Made in Godot.

Install instructions

Windows exe is already packed. Just download, double click and enjoy


jetcar.exe 717 MB


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very nice camera control :)

Great camera controller, if you had more time I am sure you would have nailed the controls and physics and gameplay

Lots of fun! great job. Controls feel pretty good, if a bit too sensitive. Camera control was really nicely done. Enjoyed cruising around and then flying off randomly as a jet. I managed to collect 1 burger...